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Vogel Perspektiven was founded in 2009 by Michaela Vogel.

Our starting point is Berlin, but we love the view beyond the German borders and are also active internationally. 



We understand that in an increasingly complex world, linear and one-sided rational solutions are hardly effective.


We also understand that organizations with their complex structures in particular need a higher-level perspective in order to be able to break new ground.


We cannot change systems unless we change our consciousness.

The key to this lies in the often lost connection between the heart and the mind.

Let us work together to ensure that our work in the world becomes an affair of the heart again.


My vision is that we begin to use our emotional and social skills to the full in our day-to-day interaction.


Because only in this way can we develop our highest potential and extraordinary successes become possible.

It is not about optimizing processes that nourish the principle of "higher-faster-further".


Rather, it is about an urgently overdue realignment of our economy from a hostile to a life-affirming system.


These organizations have taken bird perspectives with us ... 



Berliner Sparkasse

Berliner Wasserbetriebe


blaudirekt GmbH u.Co KG

British Embassy Berlin

British Council Germany 

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Central Association of German Business Associations

Cornelsen Verlag GmbH

German BKK

DEKRA Event & Logistics Services GmbH

Diehl Aircabin GmbH

estama GmbH
FEZ Berlin
Fleurop AG
Grand Hotel Esplanade

INFINITY Hotel & Conference

lekker Energie GmbH

MADSACK media group


medac GmbH

Novocure GmbH

Oetker Digital GmbH

Ohrmann GmbH
Pappnase & Co. GmbH
Phoenix Contact

Robotron GmbH

Rolls Royce Germany

Schindler AG

SelectLine Software GmbH

SMA Solar AG

Soplex Consult GmbH
SVG Assekuranz Service GmbH

Systain Consulting GmbH

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Association of German Shipowners
Vtours GmbH (...)


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